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Empire LRP Sanctioned Events

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We run sanctioned events set in the Empire LRP universe and based on the current events in the mainline games. Previously, we have run events set in Ossium, the rich but dangerous newest territory of Varushka, and in the dark, vallorn-infested forests of Hercynia. Our next event is set deep in Brocéliande, exploring the vallorn heart and ancient Terunael ruins.

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Our events are high-combat with lots of skirmishes running across the weekend and we often run 2 battles for our larger events. We also run lots of interesting plot with opportunities for every player, combatant, or non-com. Our non-com plot has something for everyone (even combatants!) with opportunities for politics, magic, mystery, problem-solving, and more!

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All our events are sanctioned and Profound Decisions approved, meaning that everything is canon and part of the larger Empire universe. We work closely with PD to ensure our plot is exciting and fun. With a smaller number of players, there are usually lots of opportunities, such as meeting heralds or facing menacing beasts, that are more accessible to everyone.

Next Event

Our Next Event

Burden of Hope

31st May - 2nd June 2024

Root 'n' Branch Acres, Birmingham


On the outskirts of Deers Folly an intrepid group of researchers from The Great Library of Hercynia have set up camp.  With the mandates in Highguard and the League providing some useful information on the Vallorn, the researchers are keen to investigate some of the more unusual texts. 

Now the researchers have a unique opportunity to collect some samples of the local Vallorn fauna and flora using containers provided from an unusual source. 

A group of heroes have answered the call, promises of coin for hard work and the opportunity to help contribute to the research of the Great Library.

For more information and to book a ticket, click here:

Previous Events

Our Previous Events

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Echoes of the Ancients

31st March - 2nd April 2023

Root 'n' Branch Acres, Birmingham

A few weeks before the Autumn equinox heralds from Rhianos approached the nations of Highguard, Dawn and Navarr with an opportunity for a grand adventure into the very heart of Broceliande.

Soon Broceliande is ringing with the sound of battle as the brave Imperial soldiers and heroes make their way through the forest. As one group moves deeper in they find themselves in an unusual glade where they can rest and recoup. 

Who will uncover the secrets hidden in the glade and who is willing to test their Virtues against the horrors they may find?

Whispers in the Dark

11th - 14th August 2022

Root 'n' Branch Acres, Birmingham

Ossium is a land of dense, twisted forests and dripping marsh, rich not only in natural resources but also in threats. This wild new land offers opportunities for those with enough courage to grasp them. On the edges of the Webwood, in a camp of prospectors and merchants, something else stirs in the night. Patiently waiting to be discovered, whispering in the dark...

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Shadow of a Fallen Queen

9th - 12th September 2021

Root 'n' Branch Acres, Birmingham

Over one hundred Captains answered the call to protect Hercynia. Military units from across the Empire fought and bled to keep the Vallorn from over-running the territory. It is a close victory. As the fighting subsides many aid stations are set up to tend to the wounded and crippled returning from the numerous battles fought against the Vallorn and its ruinous allies. One such aid station is on the edges of Bont Goch, the oldest and smallest Steading in Deer’s Folly. Heroes from across the Empire stand ready to defend the aid station and some have even come seeking to release those souls captured by the Vallorn in the recent battles.

Gathering in Hercynia

22nd - 25th July 2021

Wildman Woods, Brecon Beacons

The Eerielight steading has invited several friends to Wending’s Wait in Summersend to reflect on the past and of loved ones lost. Someone thought it would be a good idea for the Steading to test their spears so now there is a tournament of sorts. But as in all things that start off innocent there is something not quite right about Wending’s Wait. Others are making their way to Summersend too, have they heard of the tournament or is something else bringing them along the Trods to this place of reflection?

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