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CREW Ticket - Burden of Hope - Empire Player Event
  • CREW Ticket - Burden of Hope - Empire Player Event

    **Only purchase this ticket if you have already discussed a crew role with Phil or Caitlin**


    31st May - 2nd June 2024


    On the outskirts of Deers Folly an intrepid group of researchers from The Great Library of Hercynia have set up camp.  With the mandates in Highguard and the League providing some useful information on the Vallorn, the researchers are keen to investigate some of the more unusual texts. 


    Now the researchers have a unique opportunity to collect some samples of the local Vallorn fauna and flora using containers provided from an unusual source. 


    A group of heroes have answered the call, promises of coin for hard work and the opportunity to help contribute to the research of the Great Library.

    • Event Details


      Combat/Social event with plot, skirmishes, alcohol and more...


      Event set in Navarr but all nations are welcome!


      Camping will be available from Thursday at 2pm with the event starting at 6pm on Friday evening.


      OC campers are welcome but unfortunately, we do not have the facilities for caravans, tents only please!


      The event is self-catered, and you will need to bring all your own food. We do not have the facilities to keep food cold but if you need medication to be kept in a fridge, please let us know. If you do not have IC cooking facilities but have a gas cooker, for example, an area will be set up in the OC camping area for you to use your equipment and cook out of sight of the in-character spaces.


      The early booking price for the event is £75 with an additional £10 for optional Thursday night camping. After the early booking deadline of 11:59 pm on Friday 1st March 2024, the cost will increase to £85 for the event plus £10 for Thursday night.


      There will be a maximum of 130 attendees with a waitlist if we reach this limit.


      Time-in will follow the same schedule as Empire mainline events, with the exception of a soft time-out from noon on Sunday.


      This will be a high-combat event but there will be lots of plot for combat and non-combat characters alike with all combat completely optional.


      The event will be sanctioned so players will be expected to follow normal Empire rules.

    • Campsite

      The event will take place at Root 'n' Branch Acres, located on the south-east outskirts of Birmingham with good links to Birmingham Airport and a train station (Hampton in Arden) less than a 10-minute walk away.


      Unfortunately, there is no running water for drinking on site. Limited bottled water will be provided for drinking and cooking but please bring your own bottled water if possible.


      The site has a 4-room toilet block with 3 small cubicles containing a toilet and a sink each. The 4th room is a row of urinals and water is recycled in this unit so that whenever the sinks are used, the wastewater flushes the urinals. There are no showers on the site.

    • Refund Policy

      If you can no longer attend the event, we are able to offer full refunds up until the early booking deadline but ask that you first attempt to sell your ticket on as it would really help us out. After that date, all site fees will have been paid and we will no longer be able to offer full refunds. In that instance, we ask that players attempt to sell their ticket on to another player.



      Please don't hesitate to contact us at for any queries including any site queries. (Please do not contact the site directly)

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